The Falcon Greens: A Feast for the Palate and the Eyes!

The Falcon Greens restaurant is arguably our best kept secret – the menu is lovingly crafted by our chefs and the fare is generally judged as mouth-watering by diners! The view of course is nothing short of spectacular: the rolling professionally landscaped golf course, the lush greenery all round and the imposing Nandi Hills in the distance, all combine to create a picturesque setting for a quick snack or a leisurely meal.

The Prestige Masters is approaching its finale in November, and the Falcon Greens team has played its part in the event. Participants have been treated to a delicious brunch at the restaurant through every monthly round since May 2018. A themed spread of delicious dishes has been laid out for each edition –

European Cuisine in May
Pan-Asian for June
an Indian theme in July
Cuisines from Arabia in August
Fusion for September

Participants in the Prestige Masters Series could be forgiven for being distracted from the golf competition, given how tempting the spread has been all season long. Discerning gourmets picked out the Cold Pizza and Chicken Shish Taouk as worthy of special mention.

If you are wondering what we have in store for the October leg and the November finals, considers these themes as teasers – State on a Plate for October and Bollywood Night the next month. The only titbit Hemanth Badola, our F&B Manager, is willing to reveal is that the highlight during the Prestige Masters finale in November will be the Dumba Biriyani. If the mention of regions like the Awadh and the North-Western Frontier is enough to get your taste-buds going, the Dumba Biriyani is a must-try!

Hemanth regards the Norwegian Salmon Steak as the signature dish of the Falcon Greens. Do you plan on an early morning trip to the Nandi Hills summit? What better way to complement that view than to have brunch at our Restaurant before returning to the city? You can’t think of a more serene venue than the Falcon Greens if you and your loved ones are planning to spend hours over a meal and scintillating conversation. If you’d like to book a table, please visit the restaurant page on our website.