The Prestige Golfshire Course Layout

Hole 1

Hole1-image Par 4
Depth = 30

Bullet430 Yards
Bullet403 Yards
Bullet371 Yards
Bullet340 Yards

Try to cut the dogleg on this hole and you are sure to be in the sand if not the water. Hit too far left however and you’ll be faced with some fierce fairway bunkers. The green is shaped to accommodate even the most wayward of shots, so although the approach may look daunting, it will reward accurate and intelligent play.

Hole 2

Hole2-image Par 3
Depth = 34

Bullet205 Yards
Bullet173 Yards
Bullet150 Yards
Bullet133 Yards

A well-guarded green will mean a tough little hole for all but the most accurate players. However, a long-iron draw should see the ball safely into the green for par.

Hole 3

Hole3-image Par 5
Depth = 38

Bullet563 Yards
Bullet541 Yards
Bullet513 Yards
Bullet485 Yards

Try to carry the ridge off the tee to ensure an easier second shot. Carry the left-hand bunker on the second shot for an easy approach into the long green. Stay right for a more difficult third to a diagonal green defended by three deep greenside bunkers.

Hole 4

Hole4-image Par 4
Depth = 37

Bullet422 Yards
Bullet402 Yards
Bullet372 Yards
Bullet326 Yards

Long and left off the tee will see the easiest approach to the long green. Careful club choice will ensure the ball is kept in front of the ridge running across the green.

Hole 5

Hole5-image Par 5
Depth = 36

Bullet519 Yards
Bullet494 Yards
Bullet468 Yards
Bullet441 Yards

The favourable tee shot will land to the right of the ridge running the length of the landing zone. A well-placed second shot will utilize the step in the fairway for a bit of extra length, leaving a short chip into the diagonal, undulating green.

Hole 6

Hole6-image Par 3
Depth = 30

Bullet191 Yards
Bullet166 Yards
Bullet145 Yards
Bullet134 Yards

A lake on the right and a large bunker back and left means the player will have a psychologically difficult tee shot. The player should utilize the mounding on the right to roll the ball, into the green.

Hole 7

Hole7-image Par 4
Depth = 30

Bullet361 Yards
Bullet343 Yards
Bullet316 Yards
Bullet288 Yards

The strategic player will hit long and straight off the tee to line up for the approach. Use the mounding back left to direct your ball toward the green. Weaker players may have to lay up on the first section of fairway and lose a stroke.

Hole 8

Hole8-image Par 4
Depth = 34

Bullet334 Yards
Bullet317 Yards
Bullet299 Yards
Bullet290 Yards

Be brave and drive the green on this short par 4. A strong tee shot leaves the player with an easy birdie opportunity. An easier shot off the tee leaves a much more difficult entrance into the green.

Hole 9

Hole9-image Par 4
Depth = 36

Bullet392 Yards
Bullet368 Yards
Bullet336 Yards
Bullet298 Yards

Aim for the left-hand fairway bunker to give you the best line into the green. Club selection will be tricky on the second shot with an uphill shot into the green.

Hole 10

Hole10-image Par 4
Depth = 36

Bullet438 Yards
Bullet393 Yards
Bullet376 Yards
Bullet349 Yards

The bravest will fly the three fairway bunkers on the left to leave the player with an easier shot into the open green. On the approach, watch out for the deep greenside bunker as well as the steep slopes falling away from the back of the green.

Hole 11

Hole11-image Par 4
Depth = 34

Bullet416 Yards
Bullet393 Yards
Bullet364 Yards
Bullet338 Yards

On the right-hand side, a long, sandy waste guards the entire length of the hole. As you approach the green, a lake will come into view with a deep bunker guarding the right-hand side. A slight fade on the second shot should see your ball safely to the stepped green.

Hole 12

Hole12-image Par 4
Depth = 32

Bullet399 Yards
Bullet370 Yards
Bullet339 Yards
Bullet306 Yards

Stay as close as possible to the left-hand edge of the fairway and take on as much of the left-hand bunker as you dare for easy access to a green that slopes away from the direction of play.

Hole 13

Hole13-image Par 5
Depth = 43

Bullet567 Yards
Bullet549 Yards
Bullet522 Yards
Bullet491 Yards

Drive long and right off the tee for the possibility of a birdie on this relatively short par 5, but only the bravest players will take on the creek to reach the green in two. The more conservative player will lay up on the gently undulating landing zone. A short pitch on to the green should still see a par.

Hole 14

Hole14-image Par 4
Depth = 42

Bullet413 Yards
Bullet345 Yards
Bullet322 Yards
Bullet298 Yards

A slight draw on the tee shot will mean a relatively clear view of the green but watch out; there is virtually no approach to this left-to-right sloping green. A high, soft second shot is essential to make par.

Hole 15

Hole15-image Par 3
Depth = 31

Bullet207 Yards
Bullet180 Yards
Bullet150 Yards
Bullet117 Yards

This mid-length par 3 is best played with a slight draw to avoid the large bunker to the left of the approach. A mound on the right will guide your ball safely onto the right-hand side of the green.

Hole 16

Hole16-image Par 5
Depth = 40

Bullet524 Yards
Bullet500 Yards
Bullet469 Yards
Bullet436 Yards

Hit over the bunkers on the right-hand side of the fairway for a birdie opportunity but beware of the lake as it pinches into the fairway immediately after the landing zone on both sides. A second shot over the swale and the left-hand bunkers will give the ball a kick forward to a receptive, back-to-front sloping green.

Hole 17

Hole17-image Par 3
Depth = 31

Bullet224 Yards
Bullet200 Yards
Bullet171 Yards
Bullet138 Yards

A fade off the tee will see the ball guided safely into the diagonal, amphitheatre green. Those who choose to take on the stepped bunker should beware; those steps are deep!

Hole 18

Hole18-image Par 4
Depth = 39

Bullet399 Yards
Bullet379 Yards
Bullet352 Yards
Bullet317 Yards

Carry the bunkers on the right-hand side and you’ll be rewarded with a level lie and an easy approach into a receptive green. The gently sloping green will be kind to any accurate shots but beware, there is very little playable surface surrounding the green.


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