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The entire team at Prestige Golfshire would like to wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year. 2017 was a great year for us at Golfshire. We hosted our first ever Women’s Golf Day and the participation was outstanding, Golfshire was one of only two courses participating in India.

We also introduced the Greens Keeper Revenge Tournament where the worst golfer was given the Golden Shovel. We also welcomed some great new sponsors to our events, Dragon, One & Only Hotels, Coca Cola just to mention a few.

Our annual 3rd edition of The Prestige Masters Series culminated with a glittering award ceremony and Fashion Show, with a record number of guests attending the Grand Finale which was hosted by Akul Balaji.

The Golf Course has been in magnificent condition through the year due to the efforts of our golf maintenance team led by Coman Mulry the entire team strives to provide our players with extraordinary playing surfaces.

What’s to come?

The much anticipated Coffee Table Masters Book will also be available for your reading pleasure soon. We are sure that everyone is waiting for the 2018 Masters dates. We will keep you posted on the same. Looking ahead we have a busy schedule of corporate events lined up for you in January and February.


Schedule for January 2018

13th January 2018: CEO Golf Tournament (Tee Time available after 14:00 Hours)
17-19th January 2018: Mercedes Benz Golf Tournament (Tee Time available after 14:00 Hours)
20th January 2018: St. Joseph's Old Boys Association Golf Tournament (Limited Tee Time available for 12 Groups at 07:00 Hours)


Chris Hewitt won both the Club Championship and Monthly Medal in 2017

Tina Brennan won the coveted Green’s Keeper Revenge Tournament

Cameron Steventon won the Back on Black Tournament for 2017



What's cooking in January 2018

Some exciting times are ahead with the roll out of some great new menus. This month we will be showcasing a variety of new and delicious Flatbread Pizzas inspired by what you as members like to eat.

Whether it’s a Hot Mexican or a Beef Taco Flatbread you will need something cold to wash it down with. Our beer promotions will be running alongside our flatbreads for the entire month of January. Come sit, eat, share and enjoy.



As most of you are aware the agronomy team conducted our annual Course Aeration. We wanted to let you all know why this is so important.

Aeration is an essential program to keep playing surfaces healthy and in good condition. Aeration primarily is performed to control organic matter – i.e., decaying roots and grass stems – relieve soil compaction, stimulate root growth and improve drainage. If organic matter becomes too thick, it acts like a sponge and holds water at the surface after rain or irrigation. Excessive organic matter also inhibits root growth, reduces oxygen levels in the soil, encourages disease and eventually can lead to turf failure. Furthermore, excessive organic matter creates soft surfaces prone to ball marks, foot printing and inconsistent playing conditions. Aeration and topdressing are the most effective ways to control organic matter and maintain smooth, firm putting surfaces.



Shoulder Turn in the Golf Swing

A good shoulder turn is crucial in ensuring that you complete your backswing. However, not many of us realize that we rarely complete our shoulder turn which causes inconsistent results. A great way to improve your shoulder turn is with the help of a medicine ball as shown by our Fitness Instructor Kumbhraj. Stand in a golf posture and hold out the medicine ball out in front of you. Turn your shoulder to the right keeping your lower body stable until the top of your left shoulder in under your chin. Hold for ten seconds and then repeat the same on the left side. A minimum of three reps is recommended before and after your game.



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