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The Golfshire Times - February 2018




The 2018 golf season kicked off with a bang, with Golfshire hosting the CEO and Mercedes Benz Golf tournaments. We are very excited about the upcoming season as the golf course has never looked better. The aeration process conducted last December has rejuvenated the greens and they are rolling really well. The 2018 playbook calendar is in place and the first Monthly Medal of the year will be held on Sunday 4th February. We are pleased to announce that Cathay Dragon, Shangri La Hotel, BodyCraft Spas and Salons and XOXODay will be partnering us this year. We look forward to a healthy participation from our membership and there are a lot of exciting prizes to be won. Also the Playbook this year has many more new additions and you can review it at our website for further information. The 2018 Prestige Masters Series will commence this May and we will update you when the entries open.




Schedule for February 2018

Business Today (3rd Feb, Saturday)

YPO (9th Feb, Friday)

YPO (10th Feb, Saturday)

Vodafone (11th Feb, Sunday)

Tata Hitachi WCGC (24th Feb, Saturday)


Photographs from the Mercedes Trophy 2018 Tournament







What's cooking in February 2018

The F&B Team is excited to have a seasonal salad menu for the month of February. Each salad will be paired with a wine hand selected by our team. This gives our members and guests a light and healthy option and also helps enhance the flavors of the wines.

We will also be running a buy one get one Edelweiss beer promotion. This unique wheat beer hails from Austria and has recently found its way into the Indian market.




During February the agronomy team will be focused on detailing work throughout the course: cart path edging, native edging, cleaning out any remaining overgrown landscape areas on the course. With temperatures rising in February you will see more of our team out watering fairways and roughs throughout the day; this is to ensure we keep the grass turf strong heading into the stressful summer months.

We are also planning to commence sand top-up works for our worst performing bunkers as we strive to offer improved playability of the hazards. With this being said, we ask all members and guests to please ensure you or your caddy rake bunkers. Please extend this courtesy to the other members/guests playing behind you.

The agronomy team would like to extend their thanks and looks forward to your ongoing support for another progressive year in 2018.




Quadriceps for Golf

A solid foundation is one of the most important features of a good golf swing. Top players like Dustin Johnson and Justin Thomas who hit it a long way have a very strong base during their swing. The leg muscles help the upper body generate more swing speed by providing stability. Dumbbell sit ups are a great way to strengthen the leg muscles which include the quads, gluts and calf. These are ideally recommended post your golf game.

If you have any questions related to golf fitness please send our Fitness Trainer, Kumbharaj, an email at [email protected] and he will be happy to answer.




Tight Lie and Short Shot

A pitch short or short chip shot from short grass or a tight lie can be a challenge even for the very best players. Make a few practice swings and brush the ground in a way you would do it if the ball was there. Now without a lot of thinking step up and hit the shot with the same motion you practised. You want the club to skim the ground and not dig in on these shots. To be sure this happens, don't get the hands too far in front of the club head.



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